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Insta360 Prime Day deals revealed – up to 20% discount, plus how to get EXTRA discount

Insta360 discounts on Prime Day 2020
Insta360 discounts on Prime Day 2020: up to 20% on cameras; up to 40% on accessories.

Prime Day is next week on October 13-14, with discounts that are comparable to those we usually see in Black Friday sales.  Insta360 cameras will also be on sale, both on Amazon and on their website, and they’ve revealed that Prime Day discounts for cameras will be 15 to 20% off.  Here is a list of their special offers.  In addition, you can get an undisclosed “extra discount” if you sign up here.

Insta360 One R (reviewed here):

Insta360 Go (reviewed here): $159 on Amazon or direct from Insta360 (regularly $199, 20% off)

Insta360 Pro 2: $4725 on Amazon or direct from Insta360 (regularly $5251, 10% off)

Accessories are mostly 10% off, but the Insta360 One X Dive Case is 40% off.

Early start

The Insta360 sale will begin on October 12 at 8am Pacific Time even though Prime Day is not until October 13.

Should you buy from Amazon or Insta360 directly?

Amazon will be faster and will have easier returns.  On the other hand, if you use the above affiliate links direct to Insta360, you’ll receive extra bonuses, such as a free selfie stick or extra battery.   Also, some items are available only from Insta360 directly, such as the Aerial Edition.  Thank you for using the affiliate links above to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.