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Join me at IVRPA Conference 2019 at Belfast!

IVRPA Belfast
IVRPA Belfast
IVRPA Belfast
IVRPA Belfast

IVRPA, the premiere organization for panoramic photographers, is having its 2019 conference at Belfast, Northern Ireland from June 10 to June 13.   I’ll also be there and if you’re passionate about 360 here’s why you’ll want to be there too!

IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Professionals Association) is the most respected organization for 360 photographers.  Its members include several of the most experienced 360 photographers in the world — names you may not immediately recognize but whose work you’ve probably seen.  Guys like Sergey Semenov (CEO of AirPano), Sam Rohn, and Yuqing Guo, whose tutorials I’ve shared with you guys.

I went to the conference last year and found it very informative.  I learned techniques and got to try new equipment from companies such as Insta360, Kandao, Nodal Ninja, Pisofttech, and Facebook / Oculus.  This year, Teche will also be joining.  In terms of amount of information about 360 cameras, it was second only to CES, and it’s all condensed into a small area — a 360 shooter’s fantasy.  More importantly, I also met skilled professionals who have been shooting 360 for many years, long before there were 360 cameras (I was and still am the proverbial infant in the group.)

If you are passionate about 360, take at look at the topics that will be presented so far and join me at IVRPA Belfast!

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  • Too ill to leave the country Mic as I would love to come and join everyone it’s only 2 hours from here but i’m Not allowed to fly and it’s a very long drive and two ferries as well.! Enjoy despite the problems in the past Belfast has a rich heritage for you all to enjoy , the only trouble you might find is they either speak very loudly and say fuck a lot or furking or you won’t hear them as they have a very quiet accent and voice!