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Kandao Qoocam Fun is an affordable 360 camera for your phone

Qoocam FUN is an affordable 360 camera for vlogging
Qoocam FUN is an affordable 360 camera for vlogging

Kandao has launched an affordable 360 camera for vlogging called the Qoocam FUN with built-in stabilization.  It connects directly to your phone.  How is it different from Madv Mini, Insta360 Air, Insta360 Nano S?  Here are its specifications and features, and a hands-on review.

Qoocam FUN is an affordable 360 camera for your smartphone (Android only for now but they may add an iPhone version).   It is designed to make vlogging easier and connects directly to your camera’s USB port.

Here is the product video:

Here are its key specifications:

LensesTwo 200-degree fisheye lenses
Video resolution (VR view)3840 x 1920 @ 30fps
Video codecH.264
Photo resolution3840 x 1920
Live streaming resolution3840 x 1920 (360 mode)
3840 x 2160 (non-360 mode)
Battery80 mins.
StabilizationBuilt-in IMU (accelerometer, gyroscope)

Here is a hands-on review and tutorial by Yuqing Guo:

I’ll try to see if I can get a unit for review.  So far, the photo and video quality seem pretty good for a 360 camera that costs under $200.   My main concern is that it does not appear to be usable without being connected your phone.  However, you can use a smartphone tripod adapter and a selfie stick to capture a 3rd person view.


Qoocam FUN is available now for $169, direct from Kandao.

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  • I have absolutely no use for this camera. None. I’m not even on Android most of the time anymore. But… $169?? That’s a tempting impulse buy. The fact that there’s a USB C port on the side makes me wonder about future options for using it independently.

  • I just realized that this plus my Pixel 3 weighs less than my QooCam 8K, and, since my Mavic Air 2 can hold the 8K, it could lift the Fun/Pixel 3 combo, which means potentially live-streaming from the drone. That’s a cool possibility. I am even more compelled to get it now. I will say, though, that I wish they’d have someone more fluent in English proofread their Fun page. I don’t fault them for the mistakes, but they might tend to make people unsure about ordering (there are quite a few errors).

    • Hi there Joe. That’s an interesting idea but I think live streaming from a drone is very difficult because the signal may interfere with your drone GPS.

      • Hey Mic. I agree it’s probably not feasible – I’m not certain it’d interfere if it were mounted under the drone, but it could, and I’m also not sure how I’d safely hang both this and a phone from the drone – I have a mount for cameras, but not for that combo, and I’d hate for anything to fall off, despite only flying over my lawn. It was more of an excuse for me to get this, but that urge has faded for now.

  • It looks rather bulky for a camera that mounts atop a phone. And I agree that the need for such a camera to be connected to a phone to operate is a serious shortcoming nowadays.

  • No mention of whether it’ll stitch in real time with stabilization… Real time stitching I assume is there for live streaming, and that alone is huge for me at that price, but will it be stabilized in rt as well?