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Latest Vuze sample video has perfect stitching, good detail, amazing audio

Vuze (previewed here), the first fully spherical 360 3D camera for consumers, just uploaded another sample on Facebook.

I was very impressed with the stitching, which looked perfectly seamless.  I don’t know if the stitching in this case was automatic, or was customized (and if it was customized, I don’t know if the included software would allow customization).  I do know that one of their recent videos, of an Austrian concert, had excellent stitching as well.

Separate from the stitching, the image quality was also quite good.  I watched the video on the phone and also on the Gear VR.  There was excellent level of detail for the singer.  The piano and the other instruments had less detail because they were farther, but there was still a reasonable level of detail.

The color for this sample video was much better and more realistic than the color in the Austrian concert video.

There was some glare, which I expected due to the very strong light sources.  (Note that they also used smoke machines for volumetric lighting effects.)  Hopefully there is not too much glare in normal shots.

The audio was amazing, but I don’t know if they used an external microphone, or the camera’s built-in microphone. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say they probably used an external microphone, just because I find it hard to believe a built-in camera could capture audio with such impressive quality.

Check out the post on Facebook.  Also go Behind the Scenes of this shoot.