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LG 360 Cam reviews

Here are some reviews of the recently-released LG 360 Cam (albeit some from writers who are not very experienced with 360-degree cameras).
  • Android Central: “Some software quirks aside, LG’s entry into the 360-degree video and photography world is a fun little way to show off everything that’s going on around you.”
  • Expert Reviews: “The LG 360 Cam is a great introduction to spherical 360-degree video at a good price, and it works with any Android or iOS device.”
  • Mashable: “The LG 360 Cam is currently a solid choice if you want a hassle-free way to create 360-degree content.”
  • Mobile Syrup: “Regardless, I’ve had a significant amount of fun expirementing with the G5’s 360 Cam. The device has opened my mind up to a new realm of photography possibilities, though I’m wondering how practical 360 photos will continue to be once the initial wow factor has worn off.”
  • Straits Times: “While the LG 360 Cam is not perfect, it is a big step towards making 360 photo/video creation a lot more consumer-friendly.”

Older articles with first impressions:

  • Tech Radar: “The LG 360 Cam fits so much technology into a tiny form factor, with dual 13MP lenses and a surprising 4GB of internal storage. Samsung has the better virtual reality suite, but this camera and its protective app could better a better fit for 360-degree travel videos and photos.”
  • Trusted Reviews: “The LG 360 Cam is well-made, small, cute, and makes sense for LG, particularly with the advent of virtual reality.”