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Will there be a DJI Osmo Action 2? Why it’s unlikely and the rumors are false

When will Osmo Action 2 be released?
When will Osmo Action 2 be released?

Will there be a DJI Osmo Action 2?  Here’s why I think it’s unlikely despite many Youtube videos and articles claiming to have inside information that there will be a DJI Osmo Action 2.  UPDATE: I was wrong — it’s real!

DJI released Osmo Action action cam in 2019, and it had what was one of the first front-facing LCDs in action cams.  I loved that front screen and I also liked its image quality.  The Osmo Action was the non-360 action cam I used the most until the Hero 9 came out, which also had a front LCD but had a higher resolution of 5.3k.

Since then, many people have been waiting for DJI to release a successor to the Osmo Action 2, presumably with higher resolution and/or higher frame rate, or maybe even a larger sensor.   I often get asked by readers and viewers if I have heard anything about an Osmo Action 2.

If you do a quick Google search on Osmo Action 2, you’ll find many rumors of an Osmo Action 2 with supposed spy photos and leaks.  But I haven’t seen anything convincing yet, and I think it’s unlikely that there will ever be an Osmo Action 2.  Here’s why.

As you know, DJI has many product lines such as drones, gimbals, and cameras.  The one thing common with all these products is that DJI strives to have the best product in its category and — here’s the key — they’re always priced at a premium over their competitors.  They never attempt to have the low-cost model of anything.

When Osmo Action launched, it was priced at $349, about the same as the GoPro Hero 8.  But over time, its price has declined.  Since November 2020, it has been priced at $199, even though the Hero 8 is still being sold at around $289 today.  Even the ancient Hero 7 is still sold at around $249.

While other DJI products have above average prices in their respective categories, Osmo Action is a bargain-priced action cam, at almost half of its original price just a little over 2 years after launch, and costing far less than similar GoPros.

Sometimes, companies discount their products deeply to clear inventory for a new model.  But Osmo Action has been at the $199 price for more than a third of its life span so far, which seems to suggest that this is the equilibrium price for Osmo Action.

Osmo Action price graph
Osmo Action price graph

If the only way to sell Osmo Action is to price it as a bargain, DJI has little or no incentive to create an Osmo Action 2.  Even if it has the technical capability to produce a capable action cam, it just would not be sufficiently profitable and would just divert resources from other more profitable product lines.

So, not too surprisingly, it’s been more than 2 years since Osmo Action has been released, with still no successor, in an industry where GoPro releases a new camera every year.  Meanwhile, even the DJI Robomaster educational robot, which is a niche product, already has a new model after just one year (and the original is still selling at its launch price).  Although Robomaster has a much smaller market, it has a higher profit margin.

I suppose it is still possible for DJI to create an action cam that has high-end features (and a suitably high margin), such as a large 1-inch sensor or 10-bit video, but from a marketing perspective, it would make more sense for DJI to create a new brand for it rather than saddle it with Osmo Action’s current reputation as a bargain action cam.

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  • This makes zero sense. The price depends on what features and specs they cram into it, the first one was low-mid spec’d and priced as such. They can stay there or go upmarket, as long as they find buyers and make a profit there’s no less incentive to make new ones than there is for making new gimbals or drones.

    • Hi Blep. Let’s go with what you said — the price depends on the features and specs. With its front LCD, Osmo Action has more features than Hero 8 (with the same sensor), and definitely more than Hero 7 (which has an older sensor, lower stabilized resolution, no front LCD, etc. etc.). If features alone set the price, then why is Osmo Action selling for significantly less than H8 or even H7? As for going upmarket, the point is that by keeping the price at $199 for so long, they’ve already set their customers’ expectations about what the price “should” be. If GoPro starts selling a $700 Hero11, people will think it is expensive even if it has cutting edge features such as a 1-inch sensor.

  • DJI Osmo Action has an incentive to offer folks like me looking to get into the action camera game and a whole bunch of others constantly bothering them about 2’s release an upgraded camera. For folks who feel that DJI is the company they prefer over GoPro but are less inclined to invest in a camera with 2-year-old specs, an updated camera will fly off the shelf even if we have to pay more. It fits in with their product line and brand eco-system, and I can’t see them producing all their drones and om’s but just walk away from the action camera game leaving only an outdated one at a dead end.

    • Thanks Romina. There may be many people like you, but the market as a whole is currently paying $199 for the osmo action, which is why I think DJI is not producing another action cam. If it was profitable for them to do so, they would already have done it. They already have for example the 1/1.7 inch sensor from the osmo pocket 2. So, just like Samsung left the DSLR market despite producing a truly excellent product, I think DJI has likewise decided it’s not profitable enough.

      • You are somewhat leaving out the market is paying 199 for a camera that is how many years old now? It’s older tech, and that’s always at a depreciated price right? Look at the specs it offers, versus what others offer for 100 more or 200 more as an example.

        Of course there be an Osmo 2, the delay was obvious as with all tech companies thanks to Covid in 2020 and chip shortage. Nothing has been on schedule. The Pocket 2 came late as well, after the pocket 1 was…. you guessed it, at a depreciated cost. Again, same as pretty much everyone there does. I have faith… also keep in mind they purchased Hassleblad after Action 1 was released (I think) so they’ve kind of been busy.

        • It is older and it’s not surprising that it’s cheaper. What is surprising is that it’s selling for less than even older GoPro with lower specs (Hero 7). That was my point.

  • The specs., pics, and the manual for the DJI Action 2 came out two days ago. You got a little ahead of yourself with this article.

  • With all of the new leaks that just came out in the last couple of days are you still going to maintain your position that the DJI action 2 is unlikely?

  • All seem fair assessments. The main reason I believe the rumors could be true is the form factor is different. The similarity to a hero session with significantly improved specs makes this a potentially great option where there currently isn’t a similarly new item. I know people strap GoPros to their drones, but every other part is typically dominated by DJI. Now you add in a potential session type action cam and I think you have a basis. I know I’ve watched hero session prices online increase as their availability decreases. I figured gopro would’ve come out with a new one by now. But based on the specs for the DJI, I think this is a highly likely camera, especially considering it’s weight for add on to drones. Maybe I’m just hopeful (which I am).

  • I’m going to say that the last leak that showed a modular design with detachable screen that can be positioned either front facing or rear facing could possibly be legit, and would make sense for DJI as an action cam. That leak shows a camera a little bigger than the insta Go2, and I think that is a proper approach. By going modular if you need the camera smaller for FPV drones, shooting in super tight spaces, etc you can go without the screen. And if you want to vlog, etc attach the screen and choose whether to have it facing you or not. Seems like a wise design. I’m definitely going to say your wrong about no Osmo 2, and your title is probably just a click bait approach to get click throughs. Lol

  • You do realize you’ll lose a lot of credibility if you’re ultimately wrong?

    It’s all a guessing game. Trying to rationalize what will or will not happen by digging into the details doesn’t really work these days. If it did, then there would be no need for gambling as it would be too easy to determine the outcome on hypotheticals alone.

    The past 2 yrs has shown us that rhyme or reason has pretty much gone out the window. Take the stock market and travel for example. Neither has moved in the direction that they should based on current conditions but rather have flip flopped constantly on an almost weekly basis for absolutely no apparent reason other than a simple tweet or blip on a news headline. It’s absolute insanity!

    So yeah, at this point it’s pretty much a toss up on whether there will or will not be an Osmo Action 2.

    • Hi Palso. Yes that’s true, I was completely wrong about that. I thought I clarified that in the first paragraph, but I guess not. Anyway, the Action 2 looks exciting!