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Pavlov VR coming to Oculus Quest after all

Pavlov VR coming to Quest
Pavlov VR coming to Quest

Quest fans are salivating.  After a bit of back and forth, the popular FPS game Pavlov VR is coming to Oculus Quest (reviewed here) after all, says its developer @davevillz.

Earlier this week, Oculus Questers were disappointed when Pavlov’s developer said that his popular FPS game would not be coming to Quest.

In response, Oculus’ VP Jason Rubin tweeted that they would love to see Pavlov on Quest, and that Pavlov had been approved.  However, he explained that there was was some kind of miscommunication between them which apparently led Pavlov’s developer to decide not to release Pavlov for Quest.

After @davevillz saw Mr. Rubin’s tweet, he confirmed that Pavlov VR would indeed be coming to Quest.

Here’s a short video from the first alpha version (pardon the incompetent gameplay — I don’t play FPS games).

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