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Possible new 360 camera drone from BetaFPV

New 360 drone from BetaFPV?
New 360 drone from BetaFPV?

BetaFPV posted a teaser image for its next FPV drone and the silhouette appears to be an invisible 360 camera drone.  Here’s what we can learn from the teaser image.

Invisible 360 camera drones are essentially flying 360 cameras.  They capture 360 videos that can be reframed to show any direction (or multiple directions simultaneously).  At the same time, the drone itself is thin enough to fit between the two lenses of the 360 camera, making them invisible in the video.

There are now several invisible 360 drones and in fact, BetaFPV has their own, called the X-Knight 360 (reviewed here).  I liked it so much that I bought a second one.

Now it seems that BetaFPV might be releasing a second invisible 360 drone.  The silhouette appears to show a top and bottom lens of what looks like the Insta360 One R, a 360 camera that has been used in the majority of 360 drones to date because of its good image quality, stabilization, and the relatively wide space between its lenses.

The silhouette seems to show a 360 camera drone
The silhouette seems to show a 360 camera drone

Why would BetaFPV create a second 360 drone?  How would it differ from the X-Knight 360?  The current X-Knight 360 flies well outdoors but with its 5-inch props and wide stretched-X frame, it is too wide to fly indoors in most spaces.  The silhouette shown in the teaser appears to show beefy prop guards, like those used in a cinewhoop like the iFlight Protek.

The BetaFPV silhouette looks like the frame of the protek35
The BetaFPV silhouette looks like the frame of the iFlight Protek 35.

Based on the silhouette, it appears that the new BetaFPV quad is a 360 cinewhoop, like the Newbeedrone Invisi360.  Notably, the prop guards taper toward the edge, which may mean that the new quad uses wider motors, which could mean higher torque, which is better for cinewhoops.

I hope it is indeed a 360 cinewhoop.  I love the Newbeedrone Invisi360 design but it is woefully underpowered because they strangely chose ridiculously low kv motors.  Meanwhile, all of my BetaFPV quads have had decent amount of power:  Beta85X v2, Beta95X v3, Pavo30, and X-Knight 360.  I’m cautiously optimistic that this 360 cinewhoop will likewise have adequate power.