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Professional FPV pilot reviews the Newbeedrone Invisi360 360 camera drone for Insta360 One R

Newbeedrone Invisi360 reviewed by professional FPV pilot
Newbeedrone Invisi360 reviewed by professional FPV pilot

What would a professional cinematic FPV pilot think about the Newbeedrone Invisi360, an invisible 360 camera drone?  Invisi360 has just been reviewed by NurkFPV, one of the pioneers of cinewhooping.

Paul Nurkkala (aka NurkFPV) is the 2018 Drone Racing League Allianz World Champion who has since become one of the most well known cinematic FPV pilots and was one of the pioneers for cinewhoops.

Nurk has previously reviewed 360 cameras such as the One R, One X2, and Insta360 Go 2 and now, he has just reviewed the Newbeedrone Invisi360, an invisible 360 camera drone for Insta360 One R.  Nurk was impressed with the Invisi360’s design, which has features such as a flight controller that has a built-in port for DJI Air or Caddx Vista, two separate batteries for better balance and weight distribution, and a passthrough USB port for the One R.  He rated its design an “A+.”

On the downside, he noted that the Invisi360 was underpowered, and the motors could have benefited from a higher kv, such as 1900 or 2000kv.  He noted that his throttle was at around 60% while just cruising.  However, he believes that the power is appropriate for a cinewhoop, which is not designed for racing or acrobatic maneuvers.

As to the Invisi360’s 360 capabilities, he said, “You could fly the whole flight, capture everything around you, and decide what the framing looks like afterwards.  I think there’s a lot of power and value in that.”

My comments on Nurk’s review

I agree with most of what Nurk said about the Invisi360, including that it is underpowered.  I would go so far as to say that its motor kv needs to be far higher, even as much as double what it is currently.  Newbeedrone does have a 2450kv version of the same motor and I am praying that future models will have that higher kv, at least as an option.

As for Invisi360’s value for cinematic FPV, Nurk said there are infinite possibilities, “To be honest I often run out of ideas [for keyframing] because I’m not super creative in that way.  I don’t always know what ideas to use.”  In my forthcoming review of the Invisi360, I will go into a more detailed discussion of its practical applications for cinematic FPV and I hope to give more ideas for using 360 especially for those who don’t use 360 as often.

Regarding launching and landing, I thought Nurk’s hand launch was cool but not easy.  In my review, I will show easier and more convenient ways to launch and land.

Nurk also noticed a thin line that is sometimes visible along the stitch line.  I know how to get rid of it to make Invisi360 truly invisible, which I will also show in my review.  Speaking of stitching, Nurk said that you should not shoot with the protective cover, and I agree that I wouldn’t shoot with it because the stitching is smoother without it, but it is possible to get a reasonable stitch even with the protective cover, which I will show in — you guessed it — my review.

One cool thing about Nurk’s video is that he gave a shoutout to StanFPV who produced one of the first invisible 360 camera drones, the Cine Bird, which I have reviewed (analog version and digital version).

Back to NurkFPV

Nurk said he has used the Invisi360 for a commercial project that he will show next time, which I’m excited to see.  Meanwhile, here’s NurkFPV’s review of the Invisi360.  For more information on other 360 camera drones see here.