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Qoocam 8K review ONE YEAR later: 12 upgrades to the world’s first 8k 360 camera for consumers

Qoocam 8k review one year later: 12 upgrades
Qoocam 8k review one year later: 12 upgrades

Qoocam 8K (reviewed here) has just had its first anniversary.  It was the world’s first 8K pocket 360 camera, and is still the only 8K 360 camera for consumers.  Here are 12 new features that have been added from the time it launched.

Qoocam 8K is the world’s first affordable and pocket-sized 8K 360 camera with 10-bit video and 8K photo resolution.  In the past year, it has improved tremendously and in my opinion, it is one of the most underrated 360 cameras and still has the most detailed videos for consumer 360 cameras.  Here’s a video celebrating the Qoocam 8K’s first anniversary:

Here’s an analysis by Yuqing Guo:

Here are the features that were added to the Qoocam 8K after it was launched:

  1. 8k Mobile Editing – The Qoocam 8K mobile app can stitch 8K photos in full resolution.  The mobile app can also edit 8K 360 videos, exporting them either as 4K non-360 overcapture videos, or as 4K 360 videos.

  2. Sport mode – This mode uses a higher minimum shutter speed of 1/50 or 1/100 to reduce motion blur.

  3. 4K live streaming – Qoocam 8K is one of the few 360 cameras to feature 4K 360 live streaming.

  4. DNG8 and Raw Plus (mobile and desktop): Qoocam 8K can shoot a burst of eight DNG photos, which can be combined and stacked in the mobile app as a 12-bit image with very low noise.  For desktop, the images can be merged using Kandao Raw+ app.  However, Kandao’s representative said that there will be an updated version of the Qoocam Studio desktop app that can merge DNG8 shots.

  5. Express DNG8: this is similar to DNG8, except hat the photos are stacked in-camera, without the need for separate stacking software.

  6. SuperHDR: in this photo mode, Qoocam 8K can shoot three Express DNG8 shots at three different exposures, which will be merged into a tonemapped 16-bit HDR photo.  This can be done entirely within the mobile app, which can even batch merge SuperHDR photos.

  7. Supervlog mode: this mode enables you to capture a 360 video which can be automatically converted to a stabilized non-360 video.  The user can change the view such as to a tiny planet view simply by swiping the screen.  Please note that Supervlog videos have a limited duration of 2 minutes.

  8. Vlog live: this is a non-360 live stream where the user can control the perspective.

  9. Underwater dive case: Kandao released an underwater dive case and underwater color mode for the Qoocam 8K, which enables it to smoothly stitch 360 photos and videos underwater, while negating refraction.

Qoocam 8K dive case
Qoocam 8K dive case
  1. Station mode: In this mode, both the Qoocam 8K and the phone can connect to a local wireless network instead of the Qoocam 8K being connected by USB to your phone.  This mode enables both the Qoocam 8K and your phone to live stream while charging.

  2. OSC protocol: this makes connecting to the Qoocam 8K easier and more reliable.

  3. Webcam mode: the Qoocam 8K can be used as a webcam where you can control the view

In addition, the mobile app has added several new templates for SmartClips, which are special effect videos such as a dolly zoom or a hyperlapse effect.

These features are in addition to the other Qoocam 8K features such as 10-bit 8K video, both a micro SD slot and built-in 64GB memory, and a 3.5mm microphone input with no adapter needed.  To find out more about Qoocam 8K, check out my review. Qoocam 8K is regularly available for $599 from Amazon or B&H Photo (get the sales tax refunded if you use the payboo card).  For a limited time, you can get 5% off the Qoocam 8K using this link and this code on checkout: 05HXQGZU.

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  • did they update the firmware to solve their overheting issue that blurred the image wheb camera got hot (i had the same problem with my 6 thieye action cam based 360 camera, heat distortion slightly moved the lens out of focus the longer i recorded the blurrier the image)

  • Chromatic aberration is quite significant near the edges of each lens, has this been fixed?
    The color or the exposure values would not match, making the stitch line very obvious in the final stitched file. Has this been fived?
    photos are sharp on close objects, such as the user holding the camera from 3 feet away, but much softer on objects in the background like landscapes and buildings.
    Has this b een addressed?

    • , “such as the user holding the camera from 3 feet away, but much softer on objects in the background like landscapes and buildings.
      Has this b een addressed?”

      It sounds like fixed focus, and background is fixedly “bokeh”. If true, then these 360 cameras with 1/1.7 sensors are stuggling with reality. Fish eye lens provide large DOF, but may be not enough with larger 1 / 1.7 sensors.

  • The QC8K still draws my attention but surely after 12 months we must be ever closer to Its successor? The road to 8k mobile consumer level success and ease of use is creeping ever closer but the next QC 8K must surely be in the works to address the many reported issues especially image sharpness as well as workflow . Now the QC fun had been released maybe the next project must be a new 8k . Just look at the way the lab pano pilot one has addressed its woes!