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Qoocam Ego captures 19K 3D 360 photos (see samples)

Qoocam Ego can capture 19K 3D 360 photos
Qoocam Ego can capture 19K 3D 360 photos

Can you use the Qoocam Ego to capture a 3D 360 photo?  With the right panoramic head, you can, and the stitched resolution is 19k, which is DSLR/mirrorless territory.

Qoocam Ego (reviewed here) is a 3D camera that captures 1080p 3D videos and 3D photos (12mp per eye) and has a removable 3D viewer.  Because of its narrower non-360 field of view, its videos are much more detailed than those of consumer 360 cameras, and are similar in detail to professional 3D 360 cameras.

Although the Qoocam Ego is a non-360 camera, it is possible to use it to capture a 3D 360 photo using a panoramic head.  360 photographer Dean Zwikel used a Qoocam Ego to capture a 3D 360 photo with a stitched resolution of 19K.   To do so, he had to take 40 shots with the Ego and stitch the left eye and right eye views separately.  Because of the relatively large number of shots needed, Dean opted to use a Nodal Ninja Mecha motorized panoramic head.

The samples that Dean shot look exceptionally detailed and are highly immersive.  The only downsides are that nearer objects strained my eyes a bit, and any movement in the scenery in between the shots appear as discrepancies.

A screenshot of one of Dean's samples as seen on the Deo VR app on Quest
A screenshot of one of Dean’s samples as seen on the Deo VR app on Quest

You can download sample shots in over-under format or anaglyph format.  You can view the 3D 360 photo on the Quest by copying the photos into the Quest’s internal storage, then using an app such as Deo VR or Pigasus VR to view the photos.  Be sure to change the viewing options to 3D over/under and 360 view.

You can message Dean Zwikel on Facebook here.  Qoocam Ego is available for $369 direct from Kandao or through B&H Photo.

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  • It would be nice if kandao updated the firmware to do interval shooting. Then you could do some cool timelapse stuff, but also, shooting a 360 3d shot would be much easier than mashing a button a bunch of times. Too bad the video is total rubbish on the ego, but the stills are not bad.

    • Hi Steve. I also think it would be nice if if interval shooting was added. But, I haven’t let that stop me. I first used an autoclicker app with the QooCam app on Android to trigger the shutter icon. Then I converted the series of photos to a video timelapse using an ffmpeg script. I later discovered that it’s possible to control the camera via WiFi and wrote a script to trigger the shutter that way.

      I also wrote a script to control the camera for shooting the 360 photos. The script also controls the Mecha to reposition the camera for each of the 40 shots. This makes it unnecessary to push buttons on the camera. The entire shooting process can be done automatically via the script.

      • Bonjour,
        J essaie de faire des images panoramiques ET 3D a l aide de ma caméra QOOCAM EGO, j ai ien compris que vous aviez utlisé une tete panoramique motorisée, puis la camera etant accessible en wifi n peut declencher les photos a souhait.
        Le probleme c est que pour conserver la 3D il faut conserver les images doubles (oeil droit oeil gauche, j ai compris je pense que vous aviez fait cela en creant un panoramique dessus et l autre dessous. Mais commet faites vous cela? vous decoupez chaque photo puis separez gauche et droite? si c est le cas l assemblage des 2 panoramiques obtenu( l un dessus l autre dessous respecte t il l effet 3D? d avance merci pour votre réponse. Cordialement François