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Hands-free third person view with Sail Video System

Sail Video System hands-free third person view mount
Sail Video System hands-free third person view mount

Check out this cool third person view motorcycle video with the the Sail Video System, a hands-free third person view mounting system for cameras that works very well for 360 cameras, from small ones like the Insta360 One used in this video, to the Insta360 Pro.

Sail Video System is a harness that you wear around your torso, similar to a weightlifting belt.  The harness has a built-in monopod.  You can adjust the angle of the monopod as needed to get the view that you want. (The SVS can be worn with the monopod in front of you or behind you).

The SVS is ideal for hands-free shooting.  It has been used by many professionals, and even by GoPro itself for many of their promo videos.

When used with a stabilized 360 camera, the Sail Video System results in footage that is even more impressive. It will look like there’s a drone following you, just as in the motorcycle video above. The SVS works very well with thicker stabilized 360 cameras such as the Garmin Virb 360 and Insta360 ONE because the pole will be between their lenses and will look invisible.


Sail Video System 3VPX2 Pro third person view mount
Sail Video System 3VPX2 Pro third person view mount

There are several versions of the Sail Video System.  For 360 cameras, there are two versions – the 3VPX2 Pro and the Lite 360.   Besides cost, the main difference between the 3VPX2 Pro and the Lite 360 is that the Pro’s harness has more straps and so it can be used to support heavier cameras.  The other main difference is that the frame of the Pro is flexible whereas with the Lite 360, it is rigid.

Sail Video System Lite 360 third person view mount
Sail Video System Lite 360 third person view mount

Both the 3VPX2Pro and Lite360 have straight poles that will stay in-line with your 360 camera.  Either one can be reconfigured to support a DSLR, or an action camera such as a GoPro, using a pole that is bent to keep a DSLR or GoPro upright.  There is also a version of the SVS for kitesurfing.

I have both the Pro and Lite versions (SVS sent me discounted copies for testing). The harness can be a little challenging to wear securely by yourself but they will be fastened tightly around your torso. They will not come undone if you use all the straps.  For smaller 360 cameras, even the Lite one should be more than sufficient.

The monopod adjustment is easy to adjust and is very secure on both of them. The monopod can adjusted for their vertical angle as well as rotated.  When they are locked into position, they won’t move in the slightest due to interlocking teeth.

Sail Video System seems to work best with vehicles, such as snowboards, skateboards, scooters, bicycles. The videos will look smooth.  You can also use SVS while walking or running. However, the effect is a little bit unusual. The SVS will tend to follow your hip movement. So, as you walk, the camera will swing left and right.   It looks a bit strange but it’s still watchable in my opinion.


A hands-free third person view can be a powerful and engrossing perspective for videos, especially for sports and action.   The Sail Video System is a well-designed harness that can provide a hands-free third person view, which when combined with stabilized 360 cameras, can create perspectives that will surprise and amaze your viewers.  SVS has been used by and relied upon by professionals over several years and is the sturdiest such mount that I’m aware of.  Sail Video System is available direct from the manufacturer. 3VPX2 Pro is €275, while 3rdPersonView Lite 360 is €130.