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Samsung Gear 360 dedicated Bluetooth remote and other accessories now available in the US; allows remote triggering without Samsung phone

You can now order the accessory kit for the Samsung Gear 360 (reviewed here) from Amazon. The kit includes a remote that allows you to trigger the Gear 360 remotely without a Samsung phone.

The kit includes:

1.  A dedicated Bluetooth remote control: this is another way to trigger the Gear 360 remotely without using a Samsung phone.  Please note if you don’t have a Samsung phone, you’ll still need to stitch the photos and videos, either on Windows with the included Action Director (you’ll need to make sure your processor is compatible), on a compatible Mac using bootcamp, or with Autopano.

2.  A handle that converts to a mini tripod.  The remote control can be attached to the handle.

3. Quick release attachment plus a curved mount and a flat mount.

The accessory kit is currently around $70 from Amazon.
Besides the Gear 360 accessory kit, there’s also a dedicated waterproof housing but I still haven’t seen it available from a US retailer.