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How to share 360 photos for viewing on Oculus Go or any other VR headset without installing an app

If you want to share your 360 photos to a platform where they can be viewed on Oculus Go and almost all popular VR headsets, try Kuula.   Thanks to the newly-added WebVR support, your viewers don’t even need to install an app to view your 360 photos and virtual tours* (*Pro account required for virtual tours).

All you have to do is share the URL to your 360 photo or video.  When a viewer goes to the URL using a VR headset such as an Oculus Go, they’ll be able to get an immersive view of your 360 photo, without having to install an app.

Here’s a video showing Kuula on Oculus Go without the need to launch any app.

Actually, Kuula added WebVR support at my suggestion.  I suggested it to them when I met them at VRLA 2018.   Because they are attentive to their customers’ needs, they worked on it right away and in less than 2 months, they’ve already been able to implement it.  Great job guys!

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  • Hi Mic,

    Is there anything like gopro vr player for the oculus go which lets you view 360 standalone without having to be connected to the internet.

    Many thanks


    • I was able to send a Mirage 3-D VR movie (download to my iPhone) to my friend’s iPhone via Apple Messages, then they were able to open that in the Oculus Go app and view it in their helmet with no extra software installed. We did not test VR photos, though – just the VR180 movie.

  • Nice !
    I’ve found that RoundMe did it too but Momento360 seems to have a problem with its WebVR implementation as it flickers and then goes black.
    Would be nice for Google Photos to implement WebVR as well.

  • Has anyone found a site/app that lets you zoom in /out of 360 pictures on the Oculus GO? They’re a bit “in your face” with the built-in GO viewer I think. Thanks!

    • I would like to know if the are developing custom apps for specific headsets. FYI Veer VR and Gala360 do have such apps that work with the Daydream Lenovo Mirage Solo headset

  • I have a few Go’s for work and want to view 360 vidoes and photos together, so everyone can look at the same file at the same time and discuss. any suggestions on how to do this?

    Rooms seems to only let me view content via Facebook, or its just a flat image on the wall.

    Bigscreen might work but requires a PC to host the room, not ideal.

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