Share your 360 photos and videos to any browser with Spinnable!

You can now share your 360-degree photos and videos to almost any browser with Spinnable, even if your friends don’t have the app.

Spinnable (reviewed here), one of the first social media platforms for 360 photos and videos, has now enabled browser support.  Images on Spinnable can now be viewed on most browsers, with 360 interaction, simply by sharing its URL.  To get the URL for an image, just tap the “…” on the right side of the caption of the image on the Spinnable app, then select “Copy Link.”  You can then send the link to anyone by email, text message, etc.

When your friends click on the link, it will launch the 360 photo or video on their browser.  They can maximize the view for a full-screen view.  On smartphones, there is also a Google Cardboard viewer.

Here are a couple of samples (click on the link to see the 360 version from Spinnable).  All of these samples are from the Ricoh Theta S.

Sample Photo: Lake San Marcos near San Diego http://spnn.it/s/Ulwikl04aN
Sample video: Beach sunset http://spnn.it/s/SOF05v0Mln
Moreover, the URL can also be shared on Facebook which automatically generates a thumbnail.  When a viewer clicks on the thumbnail, it opens a browser window for a 360 view of the image.  (This is similar to sharing with the Ricoh Theta on Theta360.com.)

There are a couple of incompatibilities: videos don’t work yet on iOS and Internet Explorer 11.  Photos work without a hitch.

Here are some more samples:

Sta. Monica Pacific Park http://spnn.it/s/Jxuf1W4m4R
Yellowtail Bellagio http://spnn.it/s/pOCPlHZIqe