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SHOCKING SALE: Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera for $139.99?!? It’s true!!!

xiaomi mijia mi sphere sale
xiaomi mijia mi sphere sale:

UPDATE:  The sale is over!!!   For the best deals on the Mi Sphere, bookmark this page here.

WOW this is unbelievable but the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere is on a special sale at Gearbest for just $139.99!!! That’s 50% of the normal price!!!  See the sale here!  I don’t know if some employee posted this by mistake (possibly confusing it for the new Xiaomi Mini Action camera).  But at this price, it’s a MUST BUY!

Even if you already have a Xiaomi Mi Sphere, there are several reasons to get one.  Here are some of them.
– In case your other one is damaged, lost or stolen
– Dual drone mount to make a drone invisible.
– When the battery of one runs out, you can use the second one.
– Shoot a video from two locations simultaneously and edit them together
– Resell on eBay.

Note: some readers can’t see the $139.99 price and are instead seeing the normal $246 price.  The sale says “email only” so maybe you might have to create a Gearbest account and login first, before you click on the link. You could also try emptying your browser cache maybe?  But it’s definitely real.  See this livestreamed video:

Thank you very much to Stan Tan and to Pepe Vazquez for bringing this to my attention!  Thank you also to Damien for fixing the link!

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  • Gearbest seems a bit sketchy to me. Horrible rating on BBB, and several Reddit threads of bad experiences. Not sure its worth the risk here.

    • Hi Chase. I don’t know about their BBB rating but i’ve purchased from them several times before. If there is a problem with the order, my gearbest rep can help (not including cases of abuse, etc.)

    • I’ve had good luck with two orders in the past year with GB. Both were for items outside of cameras, but both were good orders!

  • Oh dear, I bought this a week ago! I was just thinking, as the price is good right now, what do you think about using two, locked together at eye-width distance to shoot stereoscopic 360? It might be an affordable way to do it and would give you good resolution. My only worry would be without them being genlocked with the frames in sync it might not work well and give you nausea if viewing in VR. Any thoughts?

      • That’s not what the website indicated. I added it to my cart – still $139. And authorized a payment through paypal – still $139 which came back as $288. I’ve opened a dispute with Paypal. Sad because my initial experience with this company was good.