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Smoovie Stabilizer Now More 360-Friendly!
image by Smoovie

The creators of the Smoovie stabilizer just announced that they’ve added a much-requested modification that will make their stabilizer even more useful for 360-degree cameras.  With a little less than 48 hours left on its Kickstarter campaign, Smoovie has thus far raised 12 times its original goal.  Instead of resting on its laurels, Smoovie has actually listened to backers (including yours truly) who have requested a feature that would be very useful for 360-degree cameras: the ability to connect the Smoovie to a monopod or selfie-stick.

The ability to connect the Smoovie to a monopod or selfie stick is incredibly helpful for 360-degree cameras because on 360 cameras, distances are exaggerated.  Having to hold the Smoovie with the regular handle moves your hand much closer to the camera, which exaggerates its size.  A standard technique for avoiding gigantic hands or thumbs is to move farther away from the camera.  Allowing the Smoovie to connect to a monopod or selfie stick does exactly that.

image by Smoovie

By putting a 1/4-20 tripod mount in the middle of the handle rather than the end of it, the Smoovie creators were able to make a simple modification that would add nothing to the cost, nor create delays, and they can preserve the ergonomic design of their handle.

I’m very glad I supported this campaign and am really looking forward to using the Smoovie!  If you haven’t supported the project yet, now’s your chance.  This is one of the most affordable yet effective stabilizers for compact 360-degree cameras.