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Last day for SteamVR Sale: which to buy and which to SKIP

SteamVR sale - last day!

Today is the last day for the SteamVR sale!  Here are titles I recommend and some that I suggest skipping.

BTW, just to clarify, these are all PC VR titles.  You can use them on Quest if you follow these instructions.


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice:  this is one of the best VR games I’ve played (here’s my full review).  Regularly $29.99, it’s on sale for $4.49.  Best of all, you get both the VR version and the non-VR version of the game.

3DSenVR: this lets you play classic Nintendo Entertainment System games in 3D!  The only downside is that you’ll have to find the ROMs yourself.  Regularly $19.99, it’s on sale for $11.99.

Devil May Cry 5: this is a non-VR game but Praydog created a free and easy to use VR mod that makes it playable in VR.  Check out the 360 screenshot below.  Great VR game if you love the DMC series or if you like action games in general.  Regularly $29.99, it’s on sale for $9.89.

Battlewake: this is an arcade VR pirate game (not a simulation).  Made by Survios (makers of Creed, Raw Data, and other games).  Regularly $29.99, it’s on sale for $4.49.


There are some titles that I don’t recommend for one reason or another:

Arizona Sunshine 2: first of all, it’s not part of the sale, but even if it were, you shouldn’t buy it from Steam.  That’s because if you buy the Meta version, it’s cross-buy.  You get BOTH Meta Quest and the PC VR version for the same price.

Red Matter 2: on sale, for 40% off but again, the Meta version is cross-buy (you get both the Quest and PC VR version).

Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu: this is an enjoyable VR fighting game.  But it’s also available for Meta Quest.  The Quest version has similar graphics and won’t require you to be near your PC.  Most importantly, the developer is working on a multiplayer (PvP) version, which I know will be available for the Quest version.  But it seems it won’t be available for the PC VR version.

Batman: Arkham VR: this game is broken and doesn’t work with Quest (it can’t detect the controllers).