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Hands-on Review: Switch modules more quickly on Insta360 One R with this “quick swap” frame by Sunnylife

Quick swap frame for Insta360 One R
Quick swap frame for Insta360 One R

There’s a new third party frame for the Insta360 One R that enables much faster swapping of the One R’s modules.  Here is a hands-on review.

Insta360 One R (reviewed here) is a unique modular 360 camera that can convert to a 4K action camera, a 5K 1-inch sensor camera, invisible drone camera, or other cameras by exchanging modules.  One issue however, is that the bracket that is included with the One R is similar to a GoPro case.  It has a clasp that you have to unfasten, and a door that you’ll need to open before you can take out the camera to swap modules.  Moreover, the 5K 1-inch sensor has a large front element that needs to be unscrewed before you can remove the camera from the bracket.

This new frame is much simpler and you simply slide the One R into the frame.  The frame can be used regardless of whether you face the lens to the front or to the back.  And for the 1-inch sensor, you don’t even have to remove the front element.

The quick swap frame can be used with the camera facing in either direction.
The quick swap frame can be used with the camera facing in either direction.

The frame does have a disadvantage.  Compared to the standard bracket, it is less secure because it relies only on friction to hold the camera.  Second, it does not include a cold shoe, unlike the new bracket from Insta360.  Nonetheless, if you want to swap modules more quickly, and you are not using your One R as an action cam, the quick swap frame may work well.


Insta360 One R quick swap frame
Insta360 One R quick swap frame

I’ve received the frame and it does fit the One R nicely, but I wish it could have been a tad more snug.  A part of the frame just barely touches the 1-inch mod front element.

There are two features that keep the One R more secure.  First, there is a small protrusion that hooks on to a corner of the Core.  However, because a part of the frame touches the 1-inch mod, the hook does not fully grab on to the core (see above).  Second, inside, there is a thin rubber sticker to increase friction.   Nonetheless, if you shake violently for around 5 seconds, it is possible to shake the One R out of the frame.

Again, I would only buy this for casual use.  If you are using your camera for action, I would not use this frame for that.  You can purchase the frame on eBay and other places.

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