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Share 360 photos and videos losslessly with Teamplace cloud based storage for groups and teams

Have you wanted to share your 360 photos and videos but you don’t want the image quality to be compromised by heavy compression on sites such as Facebook and YouTube?  Teamplace offers cloud storage for teams and groups, and they now support 360 photos and videos in original format, with no compression.

Teamplace is a cloud-based service that allows teams and groups to share files with each other.  For example, you could share files to collaborate on projects, or share photos with your soccer team.

Teamplace has now added 360 photo and video support.  What’s interesting is that the 360 photos and videos are saved in their original format with no compression at all!  This makes it great for sharing 360 photos and videos while preserving their original image quality.

Teamplace is free to join and offers 10GB of storage, with unlimited storage for team projects.

I tried it with a 4k 360 video file from the Keymission and it worked


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  • Genius! Great info. I don't know what to do with all the 360 photo/video websites. I can not upload them everywhere. And this is expanding like the universe, it's getting pretty crowded and messy, I NEED to decide and choose THE site or cloud system to upload my photos. I guess some website/app/tool are more specifics, always depends on what do you need but there are too much anyway.

    Maybe you should make a comparison between some.

  • Thank you my friend. As you said, there are more and more 360 sharing sites, and it is getting kind of confusing to decide where to upload. It's quite difficult to compare them because more sites keep getting added. But perhaps I'll try to highlight some of them.

    Best regards,