Insta360 One R 360 Rumors

TECHNIQUE: How to do a 360 live stream of a concert’s CEO Juan Santillan, in cooperation with Nokia and UploadVR, presented a masterclass on how to do a 360 livestream of a concert.

During the masterclass, Mr. Santillan used the Nokia OZO, a broadcast-quality 3D 360 camera.

Not only did Mr. Santillan discuss the techniques but they actually demonstrated them, by doing a 360 livestream of a performance by Megan Slankard.

If you missed the livestream, here is a recorded version:

Among other techniques, the livestream demonstrated switching between several cameras, while maintaining the audio:

Another technique they showed was to use a jib crane to raise and lower the camera smoothly (seen on the left side of the screen capture below)

This is the second masterclass presented by Nokia and UploadVR.  This past Wednesday, they presented a masterclass on best practices in 360 filmmaking.