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No doubt the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are amazing at what they do.  However, their design is almost purely functional and doesn’t pretend to win you any style points. The Playstation VR headset does look a little cooler.  But the Playstation VR looks nowhere near as cool as this:

Avegant’s Glyph makes you look like the X-Men’s Cyclops…!  And when you’re not viewing it, it looks like high end headphones:

But of course, you wouldn’t get one just as a fashion accessory.  So what does it do actually?  Glyph is a viewer for media, especially 360-degree photos and videos, and compatible 3D content.

The way it works is just as cool as how it looks.  Unlike VR headsets that display screens, the Glyph projects the light straight to your retina.  Here is how Avegant explains how it works:

The Glyph can be used with any source with an HDMI output.  To view 3D, it must be in 720p, side-by-side format.  Currently, Glyph is fully supported by Jaunt, with 3D and head-tracking.  For other content, it’s like seeing a giant virtual screen.

You can purchase the Glyph directly from Avegant’s site.

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