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Time to Shine: Can DJI Action 4 beat GoPro?

DJI Action 3 vs Action 4 lens size comparison

DJI posted a teaser for what looks like the new Action 4, with the tagline, “Time to Shine.”  Will it be enough to beat GoPro?  Here’s what we know so far.

DJI posted a teaser photo for its next release on August 2. The photo shows a portion of a camera emerging from the sand that looks similar to the Osmo Action and Action 3.

"Time to Shine" DJI Action 4 teaser
“Time to Shine” DJI Action 4 teaser

It looks like it will indeed be the Action 4, which is rumored to have a much larger 1/1.3 inch sensor (compared to the 1/1.7 inch sensor of Action 3).  Here is a comparison of the lens size between the Action 3 and the new camera.  Of course a larger lens might be due to a larger field of view, or simply a different lens design, or just a larger front element.  But for what it’s worth, the teaser image seems to back up the theory.

DJI Action 3 vs Action 4 lens size comparison
DJI Action 3 vs Action 4 lens size comparison

Advantages of a larger sensor

A larger sensor has several advantages: better dynamic range, better bit depth, less noise. A larger sensor generally has better quality than a smaller sensor even if the smaller sensor has higher resolution. See here

Will it be enough for people to switch from GoPro?

Notwithstanding the many advantages of a larger sensor, I think by themselves they would not be sufficient to enable DJI to beat GoPro.  Here’s why. 

Good processing can make a small processor seem just as good to untrained eyes. Most laypersons for example have a hard time differentiating between an iPhone photo from that of a DSLR or mirrorless camera. 

While Action 4 may have better image quality, a GoPro Hero 11 will look pretty similar to consumers so I don’t think a larger sensor would be enough for people to switch. After all, the Insta360 One R with 1-inch sensor (and Leica lens) has an even larger sensor, yet the GoPro Hero 11 is much more popular.

What would be more likely to make people switch are features that are more easily noticeable. For example, a scratchproof lens and screen or even a much lower price.  Whether Action 4 has any such clear advantages remains to be seen. If they don’t, I think GoPro will continue to dominate action cams.

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  • Haha! I was just talking to a friend about the teaser and said that it looks like it will be the next Action camera. A small voice inside wished/wondered if they were entering the 360 market but quickly dismissed it.

  • Yes they will . I switched from gopro to dji after a customer service problem with gopro. Have 3 Osmo Action 3 and will upgrade all 3 as soon as new model available. The products they built are far superior over gopro. Use features and quality .

  • Also audio, voice recording is much better in go pro , test for me is first is go pro) like insta 360 it is not such good even external mics doesn’t resolve to be more mobility. Why go pro still in favor it is some time have good audio maybe not best for external but usable to have result right now) so just open and go) and ready to publish result )