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New 8K 360 camera for virtual tours has impressive stitching (Trisio 2)

New 360 camera takes 8k 360 photos with AMAZING stitching
New 360 camera takes 8k 360 photos with AMAZING stitching

There’s a new 360 camera that can capture 8K 360 photos for virtual tours.  The samples also seem to have impressive stitching.  Here is a preview.  UPDATE: Here is a review and comparison of the Trisio against other virtual tour cameras.  Spoiler alert: the Trisio performed amazingly well.

Here are sample 360 photos:

Here is the official website for the Trisio Lite 2.

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    • Hi Patrick. I think I remember it from CES. I believe it’s the same as Pilot Era but with a tough case and additional components for live streaming. I haven’t tested it.

  • I’ll follow this one.

    To have one HDR stitched output directly from the camera would be very good though, in those cases when the customer does not require require a lot of editing and prefers speed and low costs for example.

    One good thing about this camera is that (if there are no reflections in the room) you don’t have to run and hide in another room.

    I wonder if you could be behind the camera when it’s taking the pano, with a light to illuminate the opposite side of the room helping in high dynamic range situations.

  • Looks like a good concept, after all DSLR 360’s use just a single camera and the results can be stunning. Just so many factors to take into consideration, price point, software app.. desktop software, firmware updates etc etc.. I think most of us have all been bitten at some point from over delivery expectations and not so good support (in some cases not all). Looks good on paper tho and could have a pretty solid development path to better sensors, resolution if it takes off.