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How to Turn Your Virtual Tour into a Real Estate Video Automatically in Just 5 Steps

How to turn a virtual tour into a video
How to turn a virtual tour into a video
How to turn a virtual tour into a video

If you want to create a real estate video automatically from your virtual tour, you can do it automatically with Kuula. Here’s a sample and short tutorial with just 5 steps.

Virtual tours can be very useful but some users prefer to see a video play automatically.  With Kuula, you can turn your virtual tour automatically into a real estate video, complete with voiceovers:

Alternatively, you can embed a virtual tour which can look like a real estate video, while also being interactive.

How to turn a virtual tour into a real estate video:

Step 1. Create a virtual tour on Kuula.  If you haven’t created your virtual tour yet, here’s a tutorial:

Step 2 (Optional): Add audio.  You can add background music or a voiceover.  The audio can play through automatically, or can be associated with a particular photo.  Note that this option requires a Pro account.

Step 3. Click on share and choose the autorotation option.

Here’s a sample Kuula virtual tour with autorotation:

Step 4 (optional): Use screen recording software such as OBS Studio to record the auto-playing virtual tour.

Step 5 (optional): You can now upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, or other social media, or embed the video on your webpage or real estate listing.

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