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Underwater housing for Samsung Gear 360 (2016) now available!

Samsung Gear 360 waterproof underwater housing now available
Samsung Gear 360 waterproof underwater housing now available

An underwater housing for the original Samsung Gear 360 is finally now available!

The original Samsung Gear 360 had an underwater housing but it was strangely extremely difficult to find.  Here is a rare video of the underwater housing (video by Aleksey Burda):

Now, accessory manufacturer Vidpro has created an underwater housing for the original Gear 360.  Like the original Samsung accessory, it has buttons to allow you to control the Gear 360.  However, the shape is different.  Whereas the original Gear 360 housing had a bowl shaped cover for the Gear 360, the Vidpro case follows the contours of the original Gear 360.  I haven’t tried either case, but I believe the original Gear 360’s design would have much less refraction underwater.  But I hope I’m wrong about that.  In any case, I still ordered the Vidpro case and will test it when I have the opportunity.

The Vidpro case is available here and the original Gear 360 has become the most affordable 4K 360 camera.  Meanwhile, the original Samsung underwater case is still nearly impossible to find.

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