VR expert hands-on test of PSVR 2
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VR expert’s opinion of PSVR 2 after hands-on test

We’ve seen hands-on previews of the PSVR 2 from tech reviewers but what do VR experts think of the PSVR 2?  Here’s a hands-on test of the PSVR 2 by Mike from Virtual Reality Oasis, one of the most respected and balanced YouTube channels for VR.

Mike got to try out the PSVR 2 for over three hours.  In summary, the experience left Mike very impressed — so much so that he believes Playstation can become the leading VR platform based on the strength of its content.  “If Playstation can maintain momentum with regular quality releases post-launch then it will become the destination for gamers looking for the most compelling VR Gaming experience as quality content has been sorely lacking on both PC and Quest this year overall.  I left the event thoroughly impressed with what I saw and it makes me extremely excited for the future of PlayStation VR2.”

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