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Vuze Camera sample 360 photo posted; production still on schedule

Vuze Camera is the first affordable fully spherical 3D 360 camera, and it’s the camera I’m most eagerly anticipating in 2016. 

Vuze has already posted several 3D 360 sample videos, such as this one.  They have now finally uploaded a 360 photo on their Facebook page as well.  It’s a beautiful photo of the twin peaks of Maroon Bells in Colorado:
As with Vuze’s recent videos, the stitching looks excellent, which I find amazing, considering the relatively large distance between the lenses of the Vuze, which creates a larger potential for parallax stitching error.  The photo doesn’t have as much detail as some cameras such as the popular Ricoh Theta S, and the shadow areas seem to have color and luminance noise, but then again, the photo will be in 3D.   The contrast is a little low and the color a little undersaturated, but those can be easily adjusted in post.
Speaking of 3D, the photo posted on Facebook is not 3D (Facebook doesn’t support 3D photos yet).  Vuze said they would post a 3D version when they have finalized their 3D photo viewing software.
Besides the new sample photo, Vuze also updated their showroom with new sample videos.
Meanwhile, Vuze also confirmed that they are still on schedule!
We have successfully passed the hardware bring up stage, and are getting ready to start the production of the Vuze camera test units. For the last two weeks, most of our team is on location making sure that all is working well and we’re happy to report that everything is as planned, and we are on track with the hardware, software and the logistics.  We hope everything continues along these lines!
Hardware bring-up is a time-consuming part of the production process where the system is tested and debugged repeatedly in preparation for manufacture.  The fact that the Vuze camera has passed the bring-up stage is a very important milestone.
If you haven’t ordered the Vuze yet, it’s not too late to pre-order it.  Delivery is scheduled for October 2016.