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How to watch Facebook Connect and the launch of the Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 launch
Oculus Quest 2 launch

Facebook Connect will begin at 9:55am today and is free to join.  The Oculus Quest 2 is widely expected to be announced.  Commentary below.

Here’s the stream:


11:00 For PC-based VR, Oculus is telling people that Oculus Quest 2 will be better than Rift S.  It will have a higher resolution display and will support 90fps in the future.

10:39 Improved version of Oculus Venues (a way to watch events such as presentations).

10:38 Discussing Horizon (the VR world similar in concept to ReadyPlayerOne’s Oasis)

10:32 Discussing protecting privacy while using AR.

10:28 More about Project Aria.  Discussion of possibilities of AR.  Here’s a mockup:

10:24 Oculus Quest 2 accessories: Elite strap, Elite strap with battery, fit pack

10:22 Discussing AR and VR as technologies that help connect us.

10:19 More than 35 Oculus app developers have generated revenues in the millions.

10:15 Oculus Quest 2 announced.  Higher resolution display, faster processor, a bit lighter, and costs less ($299).  Will be released October 13.  Available for preorder today.

10:11 mentions Oculus Horizon (the Oasis-like VR world).  Discusses how VR can be used for office meetings.

10:10 Oculus Link will support 90fps next year

10:07 mentions launch of smart glasses next year, which will look more like classic sunglasses.

10:05 mentions AR and Project ARea.

10:00 Zuckerberg discusses how COVID has forced us to do many things online but VR helps us connect with our friends.

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