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Watch Olympics in VR for iOS, Android and Gear VR with this app

The Olympics will be kicking off soon and for the first time, the Olympics will be shown in VR.  NBC has previously announced that it would show the Olympics in VR, but only for Samsung Gear VR owners.  Now, BBC has stated that it, too, will broadcast the Olympics in VR through its app BBC Sport 360.  Unlike NBC’s VR coverage, the BBC Sport 360 app is available for iOS, Android and Samsung Gear VR. 
Just download the app from the App Store, Google Play, or Oculus store, respectively.  You can then insert your phone into a Google Cardboard viewer or the Samsung Gear VR. 
BBC Sport 360 will show around 100 hours of VR Olympics coverage, starting this Friday August 5.

UPDATE: I found BBC Sport on the iOS and Android app stores, but as of August 3, 730pm PST, I haven’t found the BBC Sport 360 app on the iOS App Store, Google Play, or Oculus store.  It’s possible that it may be limited to users in the UK or other regions.  (I’m based in California).