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Huge CES 2018 discounts on Xiaomi products!

Xiaomi discounts for CES 2018
Xiaomi discounts for CES 2018

To celebrate CES 2018, Gearbest is offering huge discounts on select Xiaomi products!

1. Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere just $195 with code XIAOMIMIJIA6. Compare to $299 at Amazon.
Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere is my favorite 360 camera for photos for under $1000, and it also has one of the best 360 videos with excellent image stabilization!

2. Xiaomi Mini 4K action camera – just $88.99 with code GXBX01! Compare to GoPro Hero 5 Black at $279.
Many inexpensive action cameras purport to offer 4K video but they’re only interpolated (so there’s no actual increase in detail). Xiaomi Mini 4K has true 4K resolution and has a user-friendly touch screen for easy controls!

3. Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short laser projector – just $1839 with discount code XMLPP!  Compare to $2399 at Amazon.
Gearbest tells me this laser-based projector is very popular.  TBH I don’t know much about projectors but this is a huge discount! It’s a great way to get a huge display for your home or office when space is limited.

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  • Sorry to say that Mic but Gearbest is the worst eshop experience that I had. I’m still waiting my cam since 2 month now. GB can’t say where it is.

    We are hundreds of not delivered (for phones, vacuum cleaners ….)

    The deal was “delivery with tracking in 15-25 working days”
    No tracking and more than 50 days waiting !

    After sales is dismal service. With their automated message that offers 20 € of compensation (without the camera of course!).
    hop! Paypal dispute for me.

    Result, it may work in the US but not in France.

    Customer Be careful !

    • Hi Franck. I’m sorry about your experience. Most of the time, orders don’t have any problems, but sometimes they do. That’s where I can help. When you use my link, that means my Gearbest representative can intervene and resolve any problems. Please contact me https://360rumors.com/contact-me and provide me with your order number and gearbest email so that my representative can help resolve the problem.

      Best regards,

      • You’re really nice.

        Errors can happen but it’s true that in this case we have no reliable contact.
        I am very patient and I only want to know where it is.
        I’m sending you my number.

        Thank you 1000 times!

        • Hi Gonnaud! I got your email and I’ve asked my representative to help resolve this problem. Thank you very much.
          Best regards,

    • ok i tested it myself when i posted it. It might be available only in certain regions. May I know which country you are from so i can check if the code works for your country?
      Best regards,

      • I’m from the US, but currently here in the Philippines. I tried accessing both in the US (last week) and here in the Philippines (today), but the code does not work for me.

        • Hmmm maybe it is already expired… yup it already got used up. (Each code works only a limited number of times). I’ll try to ask for another code kabayan!
          Best regards,