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Which 360 camera should you buy in 2019?

360 Camera Buying Guide 2019

I’ve thoroughly revised the 360 Camera Buying Guide to make it much simpler and clearer.  In the video below, I discuss whether the Insta360 One X (reviewed here) is the best 360 camera, and I present a new systematic approach to finding the best 360 camera for your needs.

If you watch 360 camera reviews, you would get the impression that Insta360 One X is the only logical choice for a 360 camera.  While I do agree that the Insta360 One X is currently the best 360 camera, everyone has different needs.  For some people, there are better 360 cameras for their specific needs.

In the video, I discuss why Insta360 One X is considered the best 360 camera and how it meets the needs of the largest segment of 360 camera shooters.  I also discuss why in some circumstances, it is not the best 360 camera for your needs.

The challenge for users is to sift through the dozens of 360 cameras out there to find the best one for their needs.  It can be frustrating and overwhelming.   The solution is a new, simplified step-by-step approach to determining which is the best 360 camera for you.  My approach will help you navigate through the jungle of 360 cameras out there, and will help you select a 360 camera quickly and easily.

What do you think about the new buying guide?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • Hello Mic,

    Is insta360 Releasing a New Camera soon? I heard a rumor saying that this August, they will launch a new camera probably called GO!