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DEALS: Should you get this 5.7K 360 camera for just $159? Yi 360 VR quick review 2019

Yi 360 VR discount $159
Yi 360 VR discount $159

If you’re looking for the lowest cost 5.7K 360 camera, this is it: the Yi 360 VR (reviewed here) is on sale for just $159!  Should you buy it?  Here is a quick review with its pros and cons in 2019.

The Yi 360 VR is a true 5.7K 360 camera with stabilization, unlike for example the Garmin Virb 360, which has 5.7K resolution on paper, but delivers a resolution that is no better than a 4K 360 camera.  When the Yi 360 VR was released in 2017, it had video quality that was second only to the GoPro Fusion (reviewed here).  Since then, the Yi 360 VR’s video quality has been surpassed by other cameras including the popular Insta360 One X (reviewed here), and the Rylo (reviewed here), the resolution of which was upgraded to 5.8K.  Nonetheless, Yi 360 VR’s video quality is still considered top tier in 2019.

Why then is it heavily discounted (it originally launched at $399)?  There has to be a catch, right?

It appears that Yi Technology has lost interest in 360 and VR.  They had the Yi 360 VR, the professional Yi Halo, and they announced the Yi Horizon VR180 camera.  However, they stopped selling the Yi Halo, and it seems the Yi Horizon is in limbo and will probably no longer be produced.

As for the Yi 360 VR, it appears that they are no longer updating it.  In fact, you can still find the Yi 360 VR on their webpage, but if you try to download the software, you won’t be able to.  Fortunately, I have a mirrored file in my main Yi 360 VR review page.  There are other issues with the Yi 360 VR: the videos take an extremely long time to stitch (even if you have a graphics card), and the stitching software is only for Windows (there’s no Mac stitcher).

If the Yi 360 VR looks like a deadend, why should you care about it?  Because it still has very good video quality.  Besides great detail, it also has surprisingly smooth stitching.  And at this price, it costs less than half of the Insta360 One X.

The Yi 360 VR also has realtime stitching at 4K 30fps, which is a great option if you don’t want to stitch the videos, or if you have a Mac and can’t use the stitcher.  It is the lowest cost 360 camera with 4K realtime stitching.

You can get the Yi 360 VR here at this discounted price, while supplies last.

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  • People on the Yi 360 Facebook page really hate this camera. Like, really hate it with a passion.

  • I was blown out with Yi 360 samples when it just came out. I bought it as soon it was available at BH. I’ve shot 3 pretty big projects on this camera. So I can tell it’s really great. And for $159 it’s a steal. But it pitty that they never updated firmware since I bought it. And now they giving up on 360 market which is quite surprising they had such a great start with this nice camera

  • The YI 360 is still my main 360 camera. I love it but would like to upgrade one day. The video quality is still very good and at $160 it could be a steal for someone just getting started!

    • Yes i think it is one of the most underrated 360 cameras right now, and at $160 it is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to get into 360.

  • thank you very mutch for the mirrored file… was searching for days… should have looked here first obviously 🙂