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360 Camera Buying Guide updated (Q2 2020)

360 camera buying guide (June 2020)
360 camera buying guide (June 2020)

Here is an updated 360 camera buying guide based on the latest firmware updates as of June 5, 2020.  For the rationale for each recommendation, please see the complete 360 camera buying page.

If you haven’t seen this chart before, here’s how to use it to determine which 360 camera to buy.

Step 1: Decide whether your priority is photo or video, and look at the corresponding row in the chart.

Step 2: Decide if your priority is price, practicality (ease of use and convenience), or performance (image quality and features).  Look for that column in the photo row or video row that you chose.

Step 3: Decide what is your secondary priority and look at my recommendations.

For example, let’s say I’m looking for a 360 camera primarily for photos, and my top priority is price, but I want one that has good image quality, so my second priority is performance.  Using the chart, you can the recommendation for Xiaomi Mi Sphere or GoPro Fusion.  The complete 360 camera buying guide describes the reasons for each recommendation here.  The buying guide page now also includes a list of virtual tour cameras that can be sorted based on price, detail, dynamic range, or ease of use.

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  • Personally I use insta 360 one x for my video and I really like it. I don’t see a big advantage upgrading for a one r .
    I do not buy Yi product anymore, the service is not good and they don’t upgrade their app or product so they become useless.

    • Thanks Thierry. Yes it is surprising that the Mi Sphere is still one of the best 360 cameras. But I see now that it’s becoming harder to buy. Madventure is available but costs more.

  • What about the Insta360 EVO?

    I use it regulary and love the easy viewing on Oculus Go or Quest (Sideload required ;-( within the Insta EVO app.
    3D Effect is awsome every Time i watch.
    I shoot all in 180 3D instead of 360 2D.

      • OK, but in official Insta Shop, it is listed with 3 days delivery time. I thought it is still not end of life, 18 Month after release this would be a sad thing.