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PSA: Does 360 Rumors look garbled / scrambled? Pls. clear your cache or do a hard refresh

360 Rumors garbled / scrambled
360 Rumors garbled / scrambled

Does 360 Rumors look garbled or scrambled to you?  If so, just clear your browser cache or do a “hard refresh.”  Sorry for the inconvenience.

This issue is caused by bad code in my WordPress template that puts any list item or numbered item in a small box.  Worse, it automatically converts anything that resembles a list into a list item, even if I didn’t use a bullet / list item html tag.

I’ve fixed the problem with the template but in order for the change to take into effect, you need to clear your browser cache or do a hard refresh:

Option 1: hard refresh

A hard refresh may clear the cache for this page, allowing it to load the new template.

On most Windows desktop browsers including Chrome, Shift+F5, or Ctrl+F5, or Ctrl+Shift+R.

On Safari desktop: Option + Command + E.

Option 2: clear browser cache

Google Chrome desktop: click on the three dots on the upper right, select History, or Ctrl-H.  On the left side, click Clear Browsing Data.  Check the box for “Cached images and files.”  Click on the button for Clear Data.

Google Chrome mobile: go to your phone settings, tap on the search icon (magnifying glass), type Chrome.  Tap on “Chrome.”  Tap on Storage, and tap on the Clear Cache button on the bottom.

Safari desktop: on Safari, click on Safari in the menu, and then Clear History.

Safari iOS (mobile): go to your phone settings, swipe down for the search bar, and type “Clear history”.  Tap on the Safari app icon, scroll down and choose “Clear History and Website Data.”

I hope this helps.  Thanks to Bob for letting me know about this issue.

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