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360 video sample from AXA 360 rig shows stitching issues

The AXA rig is a unique 360 camera rig that comes in three sizes to accommodate various high-end cameras such the Black Magic Micro Studio 4K, Arri Alexa Mini, and Sony UMC-S3C.  Radiant Images posted a sample video from a version of the rig that uses the Arri Alexa Mini, but the sample seems to show that stitching will be a problem.

Here is the video:

As expected, the video shows excellent detail.  However, with the understandably large distance between the cameras, stitching is going to be a challenge, as these crops show from the video:



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  • Looks like they’ve composited video footage with still footage to get the end result – some of the people on the last shot (the ones without missing heads) are frozen in place. I’d treat this footage with a pinch of salt.