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Affinity Photo adds 360 Roll Correction to spherical 360 photo editing tools

Affinity Photo has several features for editing spherical 360 photos
Affinity Photo has several features for editing spherical 360 photos

Serif’s Affinity Photo is a powerful and user-friendly photo editing software for Windows, Mac and iPad that offers a more affordable alternative to Photoshop.  Besides the usual array of photo editing tools, Affinity also has extra features to facilitate 360 photo editing.

It’s easy to assume that Adobe’s products are the only software worth considering for 360 photo and video editing.  However, for photo editing, Affinity Photo is an alternative to Photoshop that offers useful tools for editing spherical 360 photos.

360 Live Editing with 360 Roll Correction

Affinity enables you to switch to a 360 view when editing 360 photos.  The 360 view is interactive and you can rotate it as well as zoom in or out.   This feature makes it easy to make changes such as removing the tripod, or adding text or graphics anywhere in the frame without distortion — even in the zenith or nadir.

Another feature added to version 1.6 of Affinity Photo is 360 Roll Correction, which can level a tilted horizon in a spherical 360 photo.

Here is a tutorial using the 360 Live editing to add a watermark / logo to the nadir of the 360 photo.

360 Pan: Present multiple non-360 views of a 360 photo

Another feature of Affinity is 360 Pan, which enables you to paste a 360 photo within another file, and then change the view of the 360 photo, thus allowing you to show different non-360 views of the 360 photo, like a magic window.   This feature could be useful for creating promotional materials for real estate, for example. Here is a demo of 360 Pan:

Affinity Photo is available direct from Serif’s website for $49. (In case you’re wondering, I don’t have an affiliate relationship with them.)

Thank you very much to my friends tech bloggers Bill Meier (basicbill.com) and Svend Nielsen for letting me know about this app!

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