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Best virtual tour camera 2021 (plus: XPhase X2 review)

Best virtual tour camera 2021
Best virtual tour camera 2021

What is the best virtual tour camera? Do you need to get a new one or is your 360 camera good enough for virtual tours? How do you get better photo quality from your 360 camera? We’ll cover all of them in this video, plus the review of the XPhase Pro X2.

Here is the video:

1:48 Ricoh Theta SC2
2:55 Kandao Qoocam 8K
4:42 Insta360 One X2 (similar to One R and One X)
5:57 Mi Sphere / Madventure 360
7:28 Theta Z1
8:44 HQ Method 2 Signature Look for 360 cameras
10:14 XPhase S2 vs XPhase X2
12:55 XPhase X2 problem
15:00 DSLR or mirrorless camera for virtual tour

If you want to compare the photos side by side, you can do so with the 360 camera comparison tool.

Compared to my virtual tour camera comparison last year, some 360 cameras are no longer available, such as the Ricoh Theta V.  However, there are new 360 cameras in this comparison, including Theta SC2 and XPhase Pro X2.


What if you have a limited budget but you want the best image quality?  In my opinion, the right shooting and editing technique can make a 360 photo look arguably as good as, or possibly better than a standard photo from a DSLR.  Here is a sample with the Signature Look for 360 cameras:

The Signature Look for 360 cameras can be used with any 360 camera that has manual exposure.  It requires special shooting techniques as well as equipment.  It will take more time to shoot.  In this case, it took me 10 minutes.  The Signature Look for 360 cameras will also require more time to edit.  Not including batch processing, this one required 15 minutes of editing.  The complete tutorial will be included in the HQ Method.

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    • Hi Sandra. For the DSLR/mirrorless photos in this comparison, I used Sony a6300. In the VTE2 sample, I used Sony a7R4 iirc.

      Best regards,

    • Sorry, the madv team behind the mi sphere has now switched to an entirely different industry… there will be no Mi Sphere 2.

      • Yeah, it’s sad that they pivoted to video doorbells.

        Some of the best optics in the industry to this day, not many cameras in the sub-$1000 price range beat it

        Just adding enough RAM to burst 3 bracketed shots to RAM before saving the DNGs out to SD card alone would have been a game changer for the Sphere.

        Heck, even just adding raw bracketing with the existing slow shoot/save/shoot/save would be a massive improvement. But we haven’t seen a firmware update since the expired SSL certificate fix and almost surely won’t again. 🙁