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CES 2017: Boxfish 360 is a professional underwater 360 camera

Boxfish 360 is a professional 360 camera rig designed for underwater use.

Update: here are the details on the Boxfish 360!

Boxfish 360 consists of three cameras in a waterproof housing.  Here are the specifications at a glance:
– up to 300 meters depth (MSW)
– resolution: 2520 video lines.
– weight: 6 kg

I’m not sure but I think 2520 is the vertical resolution, so the resolution in equirectangular format would be 5040 x 2520, which is higher than 4k.

Here is a sample video:

The video quality looks impressive, although hopefully the stitching could be improved.

For purchase inquiries, please contact Boxfish Research directly.  Here is the official website.  Thank you very much to Jim Jensen (the very knowledgeable moderator for the Photo Sphere Community on Google) for bringing this to my attention!