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Cheapest 4K 360 video editing and VR-Ready laptops as of September 2018 ($665 and above)

The cheapest vr ready laptop (September 2018)
The cheapest vr ready laptop (September 2018)

If you’re looking for the lowest priced laptop that is powerful enough to edit 4K 360 videos, or even use a desktop VR system such as Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality, you can now get one for as low as $665:

Dell Inspiron 15 ($665.99 here)
– Intel i5-7300HQ
– GTX 1050Ti 4GB
– 3 x USB 3.0
– 1 x HDMI
Cheapest VR Ready laptop
Cheapest VR Ready laptop

With these specifications, you’ll meet the requirements for running Oculus Rift (reviewed here), and Windows Mixed Reality.  It doesn’t meet the requirements for an HTC Vive (reviewed here) but it will be able to do it, with a very slight frame drop, such as from 90 fps to 88 fps.

There’s also an upgraded version of the laptop with a second 128GB solid state drive in addition to the 1TB HDD:

Dell Inspiron 15 with SSD and HDD ($729 here)
Intel i5-7300HQ
GTX 1050Ti 4GB
3 x USB 3.0
1 x HDMI

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  • I agree with the Michael as the GTX 1060 is the minimum required for VR. According to the Nvidia, According to Nvidia, neither GPU is considered VR ready (you would need, at minimum, a GTX 1060 for that).

    • Thanks Nootan. I now have a GTX 1050Ti laptop and I’ve been able to use it for Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality native apps. But for WMR running Oculus Rift games, it’s a bit rough 🙂 I’m curious to see how gtx 1650 laptops will perform!

    • Hi Alex. For 2020, I suggest a laptop with a GTX 1650, and the best processor and most RAM that will fit your budget. Processor is the most important one for rendering speed. This one has an i7-9th generation, 32gb of RAM, GTX 1650 and has a 512GB SSD, for around $1100. It should last you a while:

  • I think it really depends upon the purpose for what you are using the laptop. If you want it for some graphical processing or gaming them without a doubt go for Asus.
    If you just want the laptop for like entertainment and basic stuff them go with Dell or HP. Others like Sony, Lenovo, etc are for your basic purposes. I didn’t felt them too good and I would suggest to follow this preference order:
    Asus > Dell > Lenovo >= Acer >= HP > Others