Crowdfunding campaign for MySight360 will be finishing soon

MySight360, a 4k lifelogging camera with impressive image stabilization, has been successfully funded, and its crowdfunding campaign is concluding in a couple of days.  Here are some updates since I originally posted about MySight360.

First, here is a new video showing that MySight360’s image stabilization will always keep the recorded video horizontal, even if the camera itself changes direction.

Second, there’s a new video showing how the MySight360 is used with its app.

Third, MySight360 reached its stretch goal, so they are making a waterproof case available for an additional $50.  The case is expected to be rated to 10 meters.

MySight360’s campaign ends on January 19.  You can still contribute $189 toward a MySight360 (versus the retail price of $299).   As with any crowdfunding campaign, pls. be aware it’s not the same as preorder – most crowdfunding projects get delayed and some are discontinued.  Fortunately, MySight360 has a working demo and seems to be close to the finish line.

There are many spherical 360 cameras these days but I think MySight360’s hands-free wearable camera is an ideal use for a hemispherical 360 camera, and its image stabilization with 4k resolution makes the video more watchable than many other 360 cameras when worn on the body (unless you use a pricey gimbal).

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