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DEALS: Oculus Go more affordable than ever at $169 but should you buy an Oculus Quest instead?


Oculus Go affordable standalone VR headset
Oculus Go affordable standalone VR headset

For a limited time, you can get the Oculus Go (reviewed here) at a discount for just $169 (32GB) or $219 (64GB).  But should you buy the 6DOF Oculus Quest instead?

Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset with three degrees of freedom (i.e., it can track head rotation, but not vertical or horizontal movements).  It also has a motion controller with 3DOF.  It has a high quality display that is sharper than the Rift or Vive, and is much more convenient to use compared to the Samsung Gear VR.  I liked it so much I bought two (one for me and another for my parents).

Now at $169 it’s more attractive than ever, but is it still a good choice for mobile VR?

The price reduction is probably a response to the release of the Oculus Quest (reviewed here), Oculus’ 6DOF standalone VR headset.   6DOF makes a huge difference for presence — the illusion of being in another place.  However, 6DOF is not used for 360 photos and videos.  At the same time, the Oculus Go’s biggest advantage over the Quest is that it has a far larger library of apps and games, and its games are around $10 whereas games for the Quest are usually around $20.  Nonetheless, I think Quest is still the better buy unless you are absolutely certain that you will only use a VR headset for 360 photos and videos, or virtual tours.

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    • Hi Andrea. Yes you can use Quest to view 360 videos from Insta360 or other 360 cameras. I’ve been able to view 5.7K videos with no issues. It is also possible to sideload Insta360 VR to view Insta360 photos and videos without having to stitch them.

  • Oculus Go is an overpriced device that should have include a warning on the packaging stating that “The focus cannot be adjusted horizontally or vertically.” I want my money back.

    I have not been able to adjust the lenses at all. I have to hold one eye closed to see clearly. This product is not worth the money. Ever since I purchased it, I’m not able to use it properly. To replace the lenses, requires a negative prescription. How about those of us who require a positive prescription.

    This product should not have been place on the market. We should be able to return this faulty device for full price.