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VSDC is a free 360 video editor

If you’re looking for a free 360 video editor, check out VSDC, a 4K video editor that supports 360 videos.  VSDC is also one of the few editors that supports cubemap projections.

Here is a tutorial on how to use VSDC to edit 360 videos:

You can download it hereThere is also a modestly-priced pro version that adds hardware acceleration and other features.

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  • Can you use Insta360’s software for cameras not made by Insta360? Or is there another free software you would recommend for beginners? I got a Holo360 for $50 (I didn’t see you review Acer’s camera), but they don’t make any a native software to edit the footage. I figred for $50 it was worth a try. Just a question for a very very new beginner at 360.