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DEALS: special promo code for Kodak Pixpro Orbit360!

The Orbit360 could be the 360 camera you’ve been waiting for (here’s why) and here’s a special promo code to get a discount!

You can’t preorder the Orbit360 just yet.  You need to go to and then click on “Coming Soon” to sign up for their mailing list.  Then you’ll be notified when the Orbit360 is ready to order.

When preorders begin you can use this special promo code for a discount on the Orbit360!  I checked with Kodak and they gave permission for me to post it here!

Just to recap, the Orbit360 is $499, the same price as a single SP360 4k even though the Orbit360 has the same lens as the SP360 4k and a newer sensor, and adds a second lens and sensor.  Now you can get it for even less!

If you’re interested in the Orbit360, FYI I created a Facebook group for Orbit360 here, where I will post all info related to the Orbit360.  And for more useful tips and information on 360 cameras, please like 360 Rumors on Facebook here!