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What is the NEW DJI Hi Five on Sept. 8? Here are 3 possibilities

What is DJI High 5? 3 possibilities
What is DJI High 5? 3 possibilities

DJI posted a teaser for a new product release on September 8, 2021 at 9:00am ET.  What is it?

UPDATE: It is the OM 5 smartphone gimbal.

Here are 3 possibilities:

If it is the OM 5, I probably would not get it unless it has a really useful new feature.  If it is the Osmo Action 5k, then I would definitely review it if I can afford it. 🙂


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  • Everything’s nice and beautiful. But DJI recently reported the OM 5 as another device. And this announcement is only a formality. Unfortunately, no real info about Osmo Action 2 – a pity and I regret it. The New Hero 10, on the other hand, is not such a revelation at all. Another heated boiler, but I wonder what the GP2 processor will be! On the other hand, we have Osmo Action 1 on the market and it may be on the market for a good year. The new camera would have to be better than the GP10 and even better if it had a better price. Time will tell everything, but I’ve been waiting for a long time and the crisis on the guidebooks market does not bode well for anything else. And there is also, for example, Insta360 go2, which for many people will be much better than the Traditional Action Cam! But I don’t like the price about it.

    • Thanks Michal. That is the most popular guess right now – an OM5. As for Go2, it is pricier than we’d like but fwiw, it is one of the cameras I use a lot, almost as much as my one x2 🙂

  • If dji launches a osmo action 360 that would be extremely fun!

    They’ve already great technology on the osmo action, it would be Just a matter of setting up 2 lenses and the 360 race would definitely become Very exciting