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Electrify Expo 2022 in 360 and 3D (Theta X and Qoocam EGO sample photos and videos)

Electrify Expo 3D and 360 photos
Electrify Expo 3D and 360 photos

Here are 360 photos and videos and 3D photos from Electrify Expo, the largest electric vehicle show in North America, shot with the Ricoh Theta X and the Qoocam EGO.

With rising gas prices and a desire to reduce emissions, there has been a surge in popularity of electrical vehicles — everything from cars to personal electric vehicles like e-bikes and electric skateboards.  Not only are electric vehicles cleaner, but many of them are zippier and more fun than their gas-driven counterparts.

I went to Electrify Expo, the largest electric vehicle show in North America, which is being held at 5 cities across the US, starting with Long Beach in California.  The Expo gives guests a chance to take a closer look at various electric vehicles, many of which are available for demos.  There are separate tracks for cars and motorcycles, e-bikes, skateboards, hoverboards for kids, and electric unicycles.

360 Photos

I took 360 photos of interiors of featured cars such as the new Lexus RZ.  Presenters said the car on the show was one of only two in the whole world right now.   The photos were shot with a Ricoh Theta X, the first consumer 360 camera to have realtime stitching with stabilization.

3D Photos

Here are some 3D photos I shot with the Qoocam EGO (reviewed here), shared on Orbix360.  To see these in 3D, you’ll need to use a Google Cardboard viewer or VR headset to view this page in your browser, then click on the photo below.

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