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Awesome 8K 360 video of the fabulous Elrow Town festival

Elrow Town is a fun festival / show that originated in Spain and now travels to different cities.  Check out this awesome 8K 360 video from the 2018 Elrow Town festival in Antwerp, shot by!

The video was shot on the GoPro Omni, which used to be $4,999 but is now available for $1,399 here (that’s not a typo).  And no, the Omni isn’t “just a 3D printed rig.”  It’s an integrated system that syncs the cameras, and also makes it easier to stitch the footage without having to manually match the videos with each other.  More info here.

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  • Unfortunately GoPro killed the product line, they didn’t upgrade the hardware since years ago, so these discounts seems more like they are cleaning old inventory who got stock. No GPS coordinates right ? Can’t be used for Google Street View Directly, require a more intensive workflow (post work)… not a big fan of the idea… but have to admit it’s way cheaper than Insta360 Pro, and with ton of less bugs reported than InstaPRo

    • Hi Ed. It’s true that GoPro didn’t update the Omni, and yes it’s on clearance. But my point is that the image quality is still excellent. For 8K, this is the best deal there is right now. If I didn’t have a freedom360 explorer, I would totally buy one…!

      Best regards,