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Is DJI Action 4 DOA? GoPro Hero 12 may have 1-inch sensor and 8K video

GoPro Hero 12 vs DJI Action 4 specs

There are rumors that GoPro Hero 12 may have a 1-inch sensor and 8K video.  Although that sounds too good to be true, here’s how it is possible.

DJI just launched the Action 4, which features a 1/1.3 inch sensor, which is substantially larger than the sensor in the Action 3.  But the Action 4 might be dead on arrival.  The New Camera posted a supposed leak of the GoPro Hero 12 specs, which they said would have a 1-inch sensor with 8K video.

Is that really possible?  Could GoPro Hero 12 really have a 1-inch sensor with 8K video?  The answer appears to be yes.  Sony has a 1-inch sensor with 8K video resolution — the Sony IMX989, which has already been used in some phones such as the Xiaomi 13 Pro.  Here’s a sample from Xiaomi 13 Pro by DXOMark (downscaled to 4K).

The Camera News claimed that Hero 12 could shoot 8K at 60fps, which seems a bit difficult to believe.  I think it’s more likely to be 8K 24fps but we’ll see.  What do you think?  Does DJI stand a chance?  Let me know in the comments!

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