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Immersive Shooter reviews the Insta360 Pro

Immersive Shooter’s Editor-at-Large Robert Hernandez is a huge fan of the Z Cam S1.  In fact, the Z Cam was Robert’s top recommendation for intermediate / pro budget last year, ahead of the Insta360 Pro which he considered as “one to watch” then.  But at that time, Robert had not yet shot with the Insta360 Pro.

Since then, Robert has gotten the Insta360 Pro.  Now that he has one (in addition to the Z Cam S1), what does he think of it?  Check out his review.

TBH, I’m not surprised by Robert’s conclusion.  To me, the Insta360 Pro is an amazing camera that is both powerful and easy to use.  And I agree with Robert that its high resolution 3D capabilities (8K 3D 360 photos; 6K 3D 360 video) are a unique useful feature that you won’t find on most other similarly-priced cameras.  You can check out my detailed review here.  And if you’d like to get the Insta360 Pro at a discount, please email me.

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  • On the Insta360 Pro Facebook groups there is some concern about variable frame rates as follows:

    Hi all. We have been trying to resolve a big issue with the insta360 Pros for months now. The insta360 Pros have variable framerates, their bit rate on flat colour mode is 32Mbps and with it turned off it has the small increase to 40Mbps. Everyones issues with audio sync and concatenation issues are down to the fact the camera has a variable framerate. Its amazing that a camera labelled as ‘Pro’ has such crucial features missing. We have been speaking to Eric Ji Youguo Duan Evan Kwok Rocky Qi but they have not made any progress with fixing the cameras. We will be looking to send back all of our insta360 Pro cameras at the beginning of next week. Unfortunately doesn’t look as though it is a ‘Pro’ camera at all. Matt Williams

    • Hi Brian. OK is it variable framerate or variable bitrate? I don’t understand why variable bitrate would be a dealbreaker. As for a variable framerate, how much does it change, exactly? I have shot several videos with the Pro but I haven’t noticed anything unusual about the framerate.

      Best regards,