Insta360 Air crowdfunding extended; production remains on schedule

Insta360 has extended the preorder period for the Insta360 Air, its 360 camera for your Android phone, while production remains on schedule.

Insta360 Air is a 360 camera that attaches to your Android phone.  Because of its attractive price and features, it already far exceeded its crowdfunding campaign goal (currently more than 500%).   In response, Insta360 announced that due to the popularity of the Insta360 Air, they would extend the crowdfunding campaign for another 30 days, giving more people the chance to preorder the Insta360 Air at a substantial 17% discount compared to the MSRP ($99 preorder price vs. $119 MSRP).

Insta360 assured current backers that production remains on schedule for delivery in March 2017.  Unlike pie-in-the-sky crowdfunding projects, the Air is being made by Insta360, an established company that has already produced and sold the Insta360 4k and Insta360 Nano cameras.

Insta360 posted photos of the first batch of Air cameras, and confirmed that review copies would be available at CES 2017 (January 3 to 8, 2017).  I will be checking it out at CES and will post my impressions.

Meanwhile, Insta360 is also giving users the chance to earn referral rewards.  With as little as one referral for an Air camera, you can earn rewards such as a selfie stick and other accessories.  To benefit from the referral program, you need to log into your Indiegogo account.  Once logged in, go to the Insta360 Air Indiegogo page and look for the link near the “Back it” button.  Share your unique URL (with a 7 digit code on the end, such as this one) on social media.  You can track your referrals in your Indiegogo account under My Profile.  Rewards will be included in your preorder with no additional shipping cost.

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